MerMade 8
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  • MerMade 8
  • MerMade 8

The MerMade 8 is designed for customers who want an easy to use flow through column based instrument. Capable of replacing discontinued instruments such as the Expedite and the 390 series Applied Biosystems synthesizers.  The MM8 offers modern software and capabilities. Graphical programing allows for easy protocol development of synthesis scales up to 15umole. Please contact our Sales department for pricing ( ).

Product brochure

Standard Features
  • 12 Amidite Ports
  • Scales range from 50nanomole to 5micromole
  • Flexible and easy to use software that runs on Windows 7
  • Run Logging
  • Mixed backbone capability (phosphorothioate and phosphodiester)
  • Dell PC & monitor included with extended warranty
  • Pre-loaded with standard protocols
Optional Features
  • Multiple reagent cap adapters as well as keg type
  • Trityl monitoring