BioAutomation offers a full line of DNA / RNA oligonucleotide synthesizers as well as custom models to meet our customer’s needs. Our synthesizers are efficient and fast.  With unparalleled throughput, ease of use, and world wide service, the MerMade line of synthesizers is the clear choice for any lab looking for an Oligonucleotide synthesizer. All MerMades come equipped with 10 amidite ports (more available upon request) and a dedicated Thio position. All MerMades also have the following features:
    • The easiest to use and most flexible software available
    • Unsurpassed worldwide service
    • Fast cycle times
    • Customer-site installation plus 1yr parts and labor is included
    • Low reagent consumption
    • High reliability
    • Ability to synthesize long oligos (>100bp w/ 99% coupling efficiency)
    • Low operational cost per oligo produced
    • Can be configured to accept reagents from any bottle or keg
    • Comes complete with Dell Computer workstation with all software loaded and pre-configured with protocols for synthesizing DNA and RNA at multiple scales.
The MerMade’s simple and robust design allows easy maintenance and service.  Protocols are easily adjusted for customer specific applications and the hardware is highly configurable.
Let BioAutomation make your Sequences!  Please inquire with us about tests oligos for comparison in your lab with oligos form other synthesizers.  We are confident we can beat or match the performance of any other synthesizer on the market.