MerMade 192R
  • MerMade 192R
  • MerMade 192R
  • MerMade 192R
  • MerMade 192R

Please note: A key component of the build of a MerMade 192R has become unavailable. As such, we are currently unable to supply this instrument. If you are interested in this synthesizer, please contact us for further details.

The MerMade 192R Oligonucleotide synthesizer is designed to be compatible with down stream robotics platforms.  It has the same speed as the 192E with the added ability for it to be loaded and unloaded automatically.  It has 6 amidite ports standard.  As with all of our machines custom variations with more amidite/reagent ports can be easily made.  The control software has a full feature API that allows a run to be initiated and monitored remotely using a customers in house LIMS system. Please contact our Sales department for pricing (

Synthesizer brochure 

Standard Features
  • Robot loadable
  • 6 Amidite ports
  • Fully featured API for remote monitoring and control
  • Scales range from 20nanomole to 5micromole
  • Flexible and easy to use software that runs on Windows 7
  • Run Logging
  • Mixed backbone capability (phosphorothioate and phosphodiester)
  • Dell PC & monitor included with extended warranty
  • Pre-loaded with standard protocols
  • Cleavage apparatus included
Optional Features
  • UPS power back up allows synthesis recovery in the event of power loss
  • Multiple reagent cap adapters
  • Bar code reader
  • Custom integration of software with in house LIMS