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The new MerMade oligonucleotide synthesizer, 2020 model, is designed to synthesize DNA, RNA and LNA oligonucleotides in column format using standard or modified chemistries. Each of the 4 columns within this synthesizer can be assigned a different protocol to permit synthesis of oligos of different quality and yield within the same run with scales varying from 50 nmole to 5 μmol. The synthesizer is optimised for fast synthesis cycles (20mer primers in 3 hours on each column) and during the run can be paused to allow removal or addition of columns while synthesizer is in operation.

Oligos up to 150 bases in length have been made with a coupling efficiency in excess of 99%, making this perfect for applications such as

  • dye terminator sequencing reactions
  • gene building
  • polymerase chain reactions (PCR)
  • hybridisation
  • RT-PCR
  • anti-sense studies
  • siRNA
  • aptamers

Priced to compete with other low-through-put machines on the market, the MerMade 4 is a great choice when looking for an easy to use low cost synthesizer. Please use the form on the left to contact us for pricing.

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Standard Features
  • 10 amidite positions
  • 50 nmol to 5 μmol scale synthesis Flexible and easy to use software that runs on Windows 10
  • Run logging
  • Mixed backbone capability (phosphorothioate and phosphodiester)
  • Dell PC and monitor included with extended warranty
  • Pre-loaded with standard protocols
  • Cleavage apparatus included
Optional Features
  • Trityl monitoring
  • UPS back up to allow synthesis recovery in the event of power loss
  • Multiple reagent cap adapters
  • Custom integration of software with in house LIMS

What is the difference between the 2020 model and the previous model?

The previous model was retired as key components had become difficult to source or manufacture and the software ran on a legacy edition of windows. With an upgraded user software, compatibility with Windows 10, and updated programmable controller and motion controller the 2020 model carries all the previous benefits with a friendlier user experience.

How many oligonucleotides can I make with this instrument per week?

The MerMade 4 is designed to allow for around 4 or 8 oligonucleotides per day and can manufacture 20mer primers within 3 hours at optimised capacity.

How many modifications can I do with this synthesizer?

This platform provides 10 amidite positions and for most customers this is sufficient for their unique small-scale oligonucleotides synthesis needs. As an additional option we offer automated in-line trityl monitoring for analysis which allows for useful measure of synthesis efficiency.

At what scales can this instrument synthesize oligos?

Each of the 4 columns can produce scales from 50 nmol up to 5 µmol.

If you have any further questions, please use the form on the left to contact us for more information.